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Amazon Book Drive

 As City Church continues to partner with Leah Gruneisen and support the missions work she's doing in Honduras, we ask that you consider participating in her Amazon book drive to build up a library for the kids and families that she's serving. Leah has created an Amazon Wishlist called "Tia Leah's Library" that's filled Spanish-language books and other resources. Please send any purchases to 6132 Kingsbury Ave., St. Louis, MO 63112 and have them arrive on or before October 9th.

Another way to support Leah and the families she's serving in Honduras is to donate old laptop computers. The kids often are required to complete homework online, but struggle to do so because they don't have internet at home. Leah has become invaluable to the community by providing access to internet resources needed to complete homework assignments. Additional computers will allow to do this at a greater scale, and will eventually allow her to start providing typing classes for adults and kids alike.


Email if you have a computer to donate.

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