COVID-19 Response

& Frequently Asked Questions

As our community gets healthier and the threat of COVID-19 transmission dissipates, we will keep you updated as to the status of the weekly in-person Gathered Worship services. For those wishing to join us indoors, please keep in mind that our ability to worship together hinges on cooperation with the precautions set in place for safe gathering. Please watch the video below to address those new precautions.


- I came to church on Sunday but now I've tested positive for COVID19 - what do I do now? 

As soon as you are able to contact us, please do. If you are able to call the church, the phone number is 314-899-0047. A quicker response is received if you fill out this Report Exposure form. We have a re-entry medical professional who will assist with contact tracing and appropriate notifications through the church body as needed. Please let us know as well how we can best help you in this time. 

- Will I need to wear a mask? 

For the sake of both our unity as a church and an effort to best care for our community, we will require all those who are 5 years or older to wear a mask the entire time they are in our building unless they are unable to do so for a recognized medical or mental health reason or disability. Children ages two to five are encouraged to attempt mask wearing.

- Why are we being asked to reserve seats for church service?

In an effort to maintain an acceptable number of attendees in the eyes of the city leadership, as well as be able to follow up with contact tracing should the need arise, we ask attendees to register for reserved seating boxes. The registration form asks for the attendee's name and email address, which we can then combine with the seating chart on Sunday's attendance to be able to notify service attendees of possible interactions. Register for your reserved box here:

- Should I reserve an entire box if I'm the only one wanting to come to church?

Yes please! The reserved boxes can seat up to six people, but we recommend that people who regularly socialize (ie: immediate families and close friends) be the only ones to occupy reservation boxes. At this time, we are not recommending that people combine boxes. We know that it can feel a little lonely in the reservation box by yourself but we pray that this will be a short term solution in order to keep our church family safe. Even if it is just you attending, we would love for you to join us in person on Sundays!

- Can we bring our kids to church with us?

Yes of course! Even with City Kids on hiatus, children are welcome at the in person Sunday services. We recommend families to attend and participate in the liturgy, teaching the Gospel to all ages. There are City Kids service bags available at the rear of the sanctuary as families enter for Sunday service, and the Women & Children restroom is also available if needed. The nursing room is also available as needed, one mother and child at a time. 

- I've registered for a reservation box for Sunday, now what?

Please watch the video above for a visual representation of the churchgoer's Sunday activity. Things look a little differently these days and we hope to make your attendance at Sunday in person services as easy as possible.

Please Note: There is a possibility of contracting COVID-19 while attending City Church activities. City Church is taking necessary steps to reduce the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus and to protect those attending our services. However, we cannot guarantee we are preventing anyone from contracting COVID.

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