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Sermon Series:
DAy by Day - the Wisdom of God

Listen to the sermons from the 2022 series, Day by Day - the Wisdom of God.  We’ll be approaching the book topically as we cover subjects including, but not limited to: money, politics, sexuality, discipline, marriage/family, speech, laziness, and more.  One of the primary goals of a godly life that honors Christ is to live according to biblical wisdom.   And wisdom that comes from God adorns life in the covenant amidst the practical details of everyday situations and relationships.  As we settle into this new study, it would be a good practice to begin reading through Proverbs – perhaps a chapter each day – as a way to familiarize yourself with the material and grow in wisdom. 

If you have questions or want to discuss the subject matter of specific sermons, to contact us or reach out to our Elders by emailing You can subscribe to new sermon podcasts for free within the Apple Podcast network by clicking here or searching 'City Church STL' in the iTunes Store or Apple Podcast app.

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