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Sermon Series:
The Book of Hebrews

Christians today face a problem.  But the source of that problem doesn’t originate out in the world. Rather, it can be found within the church. The issue pertains to a gradual but persistent erosion of belief in the power, presence, and authority of Christ. A consequence of this loss of faith is a corresponding deterioration in Christians’ convictions about the truth, necessity, and sufficiency of God’s Word. 


Into this reality, the author of Hebrews preaches the good news of King Jesus. The Book of Hebrews is a word of encouragement for Christians whose faith may be faltering. The book of Hebrews reads like a sermon meant to be delivered – a beautiful exhortation for Christians to fix their eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. 


Hebrews exalts Christ, pronounces His supremacy, and establishes His covenant faithfulness within the sweeping history of God’s redemptive work. It’s a grand, far-reaching sermon which, in the words of John Calvin, “rightly deserves to have the place and honor of an invaluable treasure in the Church.

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