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Membership in the local church is one of the key ways that we participate in the relational reality of God’s Kingdom. At City Church, we take Church Membership seriously, which means that we don’t view it as some transitory thing, like a subscription to Netflix or membership at the gym. Rather, it is a commitment that we make to live all of life together before the face of God.


Not ready to become a member? That’s OK. We’d love for you to join us anytime in services, in community groups, and at church activities.


Ready to take the next steps toward church membership? Or do you want to find out more? Contact Justin McLaury.


The first step toward church membership at City Church is Discover City Church, our seminar for new members and for anyone wanting to find out more about what we believe and how we approach life and ministry here. Click here to inquire about our next session of Discover City Church.

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