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At City Church, we understand that the good news of Jesus not only brings salvation to the individual, it also unites us together as children of God and fellow citizens of his Kingdom. 

Because of this glorious reality, serving one another and our City isn’t something we have to do. Rather, it is a solemn privilege given to us by God himself—participation in his mission to bring the blessing of life with him to every nook and cranny of creation.

Looking to get involved?

Sunday Morning
There are lots of ways to serve on Sunday morning: greeting folks as they arrive, making coffee, operating the slides computer, and so on. Contact Deacon Maire Schultz to get involved!


Building Care
Deacon Brooke Gocken likes to call our 100+ year old building “the old girl,” and there’s always something to do to keep our historic building in good repair, whether fixing things or keeping up with the landscaping. Let Brooke know if you can help out!

Outside Service
Coming Soon! We’re always on the lookout for ways to mobilize City Church to serve our neighbors. Contact Elder Justin McLaury if you’d like to find out more!

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